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Infuser Bottles

These inexpensive and fun looking fruit infusers allow you to make your favorite flavored water, encouraging you to gush down more water every day plus they can be carried around with you wherever you go. Removable fruit infuser holds fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to lightly flavor water. This is an ideal souvenir gift for both corporate and individual use. It can be branded with your logo. Let your customers advertise your brand & service on the go.

Tip for fab flavoured water: in evening add sliced fruit to the fruit infuser bottle and fill with warm (not boiling!) water – put into the fridge overnight to let the fruit infuse, in the morning shake gently and enjoy the chilled fruity water.

Bottle Capacity: 700ML
Material: BPA-Free Plastic
Package included:
1 x 700ML Fruit Infusing Infuser Water Bottle

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We can customize or brand this product to suit your corporate or individual purpose. We’re waiting to hear and deliver your great idea.

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